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Morning Links for May 16, 2013
Get your a.m. fill of Pop Tarts, toilet paper, robotic elephants and Brett Favre.

Welcome to another edition of Morning Links, a mix of substantive news, practical matters and downright fluff.

  • Folks in Venezuela are blaming their toilet paper shortage on politics. But that’s no consolation when you need to wipe your rear. This story may make you want to stock up on Charmin.
  • How perfect is a wake-up story about Pop Tarts? Kellogg’s has added two new flavors, each incorporating peanut butter. Be sure to check out the slideshow of “Outrageous Desserts” at the bottom of the page. Hungry?
  • Brett Favre is apparently mending fences in Green Bay. Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy says the organization wants to retire the former Green Bay quarterback's jersey, and that it may happen this season.
  • Wednesday night’s tornados in North Texas have resulted in six deaths and countless injured. Reports from one neighborhood are of “complete devastation,” according to an NPR.com story.
  • And finally, holy robotic elephants! A theme park in France has an attraction in the form of a 48-ton mechanical elephant with flapping leather ears and undulating wooden trunk. Mais, oui.



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