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BVEN Boutique Closes Its Doors
But its owner will still sell her wares online.

Photo from BVEN Boutique.

After more than 9 years of business, Saturday is the last day BVEN Boutique on Brady Street will be open. But from 10 a.m-7.:30 p.m. today, take advantage of an amazing sale. How amazing? Today, everything is $1. 

BVEN Boutique will still be available on 6 online stores and trunk shows. 

Why is BVEN Boutique closing? Owner Heidi Calaway explains that she has built up loyal client relationships that allow her to do a lot of business online and through trunk shows, so much that she's at a point where she doesn't have a need for a brick and mortar store anymore. 

One of my favorite things to buy from BVEN boutique that is now available online is the Stop Staring dress line. They're 1950s-inspired dresses that fit like a glove, and believe me… no one will forget you while wearing a Stop Staring. I have my eye on this floral dress available on Heidi's new website Secret Fashion Spy. 

Take a look at her online shopping sites (Secret Fashion Spy, Secret Vintage Spy, Secret Treasure Spy, Secret Art Spy and Secret Jewelry Spy) for some great fashion finds. 

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