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11 Stunning Promises Made by the Milwaukee Public Museum's Upcoming Exhibit on Poop
Set aside money for tickets.
An exhibit planned to open at the Milwaukee Public Museum in September will focus exclusively on the science, forensics and fun of something we all encounter on a daily basis (or close to it) but would rather forget exists: poop.

"The Scoop on Poop" is billed as a special exhibition, which it certainly is. The show is said to have originated with Clyde Peeling, the director of a zoological park in Pennsylvania called Reptiland. "Poop is part of life," he says. "It's something adults get squeamish about, but kids are universally fascinated by it."

So far, the museum has released only broad outlines of what will be offered at the fecal extravaganza, but what few details have emerged so far are remarkable. We present the top 11 below.

At "The Scoop on Poop" exhibition, visitors will be able to:

Learn how to say "poop" in a multitude of languages

Listen in on the sounds made by an animal's (unspecified) digestive system

Use materials left in animal feces to track them through the wilderness

Measure the length of time required for an elephant to poop out its body weight

Meet a "dinosaur dung detective"

Examine samples of poop in a laboratory setting

Increase their "#2 I.Q. in Stool School"

Race dung beetles, or at least race in the manner of dung beetles

Witness "large colorful graphic panels" on the subject of bodily waste

Play with "fun interactive components" dispersed throughout the exhibit

Behold 3-D models of ... a globular brown substance. You know, poop.

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