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The Top Hair Colors for Spring
The Fashionista shares her clients' most-requested hues.
Spring and fall are my favorite seasons for hair color. Most of my clients want a little change to ring in the season, and this year is proving to be no different. So behold: the most-requested  hair colors, modeled by my own clients. 

1. Subtle Ombré

Ombré hair color is here to stay, but lately I've noticed I'm being asked to do subtle, grown-out highlights, instead of all the hair graduating to light at its ends. On Chrissy, I placed highlights along her face going all the way up to the roots, and then balancing highlights further down on the hair for the ombre effect. I love this look because it's sun kissed and natural, and frames her face beautifully.

2. Hues with Dimension

Multiple hues in the hair sandwiched next to each other can make your color come alive. I'm often shown a lot of images from Pinterest of hair color that has multiple colors, which are placed strategically to flatter features of the face. On Amanda, I used a copper low-light and a beige-blond highlight, concentrating the blond color in heavier pieces around her face to bring out her amazing eyes.

3. Blond not BLOND.

This solid bleach blonde is also a popular request. I always make sure to send my blondies home with the best conditioner and leave-in hair protecting spray. This keeps their locks quenched and healthy, and to help to maintain the upkeep and appearance of highlight after highlight. My must-have product for hair health? Pureology's Color Fanatic Hair Beautifier. Spray in wet hair before you style. And trust me on it.

4. Copper Reds

These cool-tone reds are my absolute favorite, and I've been dubbing them "Merlot reds." What's nice about this color compared to a brighter red is that it lasts longer. As many of you know, red is one of the hardest hair colors to keep looking fresh. The copper/bronze tones in this Merlot red keep the color looking better for longer because of its staying power.

Will you try any of these looks out? Share in the comments below.  

All images and hair color work by Lyneé Ruiz. Special thanks to clients, Chrissy, Amanda, Julia and Juell.

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