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Raising Funds With Food
A cookoff to help homeless youth and teens.

Pathfinders, a local organization devoted to empowering youth and teens in crisis situations, has a tantalizing plan to get food-loving locals involved. The org is partnering up with Bartolotta Restaurant Group’s Care-a-Lotta philanthropic division for a fund-raiser on June 3. Four Bartolotta chefs will compete in a cookoff using food pantry ingredients and Bunsen burners (yes, you read that correctly). Wisconsin Foodie host Kyle Cherek functions as the moderator. The four chefs are Mark Klinkowitz from the Grain Exchange, Amber Dorzinski from Joey Gerard's Mequon, Kevin Beutin from Ristorante Bartolotta, and Andrew Fisher from Harbor House. The $75 per person cost includes wine, beer and appetizers. Seating is limited. Click here to purchase tickets. June 3, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Location: Pathfinders Drop-in Center (4200 N. Holton St., Suite 400)

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