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Brewers and Leinie's stir up "New Brew"
Fans can vote on name for next Miller Park beer.
Think of it as a recipe for home brew.

Take one part Milwaukee Brewers, whisk in Wisconsin-based beer baron Leinenkugel's, ferment on the Internet for a week, and voilà. You've just crafted their "New Brew."

The baseball club and Leinie's announced the crowdsourced marketing effort today. Fans logging on to brewers.com/newbrew can choose one of three names for the Leinie's ale "brewed with pale and roasted caramel malts, along with cascade, fuggles and tettnang hops." The moniker options: Brew Crew Brew, Bernie's Barrelman Ale and Brewers All-Star Ale. Voting starts Tuesday and remains open through May 21.

Whatever name fans choose for the ale, they'll have to buy a Brewers ticket to drink it. The beer is only available at Miller Park this season, starting with the May 27 game against the Minnesota Twins.

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