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Sandal Weather
It's nearly here (we hope), and these locally designed styles are a sweet wardrobe addition.


Last September I was standing on the shores of Lake Michigan on probably one of the last perfect days of summer, smoothing out a model's wavy hair as photographer Crystal Schreiner clicked away.

We were photographing the spring/summer advertising campaign for Muk Luks, and I was pleasantly surprised to see their new footwear was actually covetable. Its bright colors and fun prints now bring back warm summer memories for me.

One thing I was shocked I didn’t already know is that Muk Luks are distributed and designed in Milwaukee, and have been since the brand's inception. Muk Luks' parent company, Reliable of Milwaukee, employees 80 people, with 25 of them working towards the creation of the footwear. Muk Luks was launched in 1972 as knit slipper socks, and later evolved in to a full footwear and accessory company for men and women. Their designs are inspired by the footwear worn by indigenous people in Antarctica, who often wore a soft boot made of reindeer skin or seal skin. And you can certainly see characteristics of that in the prints and designs of the company's contemporary styles. 

When I asked the design team at Muk Luks where they got their inspiration for new footwear styles, they tell me that it comes from a mixture of traditional culture, and what’s happening with trends today. Street style, magazines and trend forecasts all play a part in their designs. One of their favorite new styles from Muk Luks' Spring/Summer Collection is the Beaded Sierra sandal (at left).

For the brand's advertising images, noted photographer Crystal Schreiner
made sure to incorporate Muk Luks' bright colors and patterns into the final images. My job that sweet summer day was to give the models carefree beach hair that screamed "summer."  

Check out another shot from that shoot below. 

Images courtesy of Muk Luks.

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