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New Gig
Umami Moto's head chef leaving to open two restaurants in the Third Ward.

                    Brandade, one of the dishes from a Carlisle menu at Umami Moto

Justin Carlisle has six more weeks at Umami Moto, the Milwaukee Street Asian-fusion restaurant. Carlisle gave his notice last week. While he finishes out his days at Umami, he will continue to work on his own restaurant – or rather, two restaurants – opening in the old Holiday House. One, the casual Jefferson House (525 E. Menomonee St.), seating a maximum of 30 people, will be only Friday and Saturdays nights. Ardent will serve tasting menu exclusively. The other unusual detail about Ardent is the décor. It will be surrounded by “living” walls that grow herbs and lettuces, among other things. Umami's Dan Frame is also leaving the restaurant to serve the function of GM for Carlisle. Service will be "very personal," Carlisle says. The opening is scheduled for late July or August. The location was more recently the ill-fated Chili Lili's Chili Bar. More to come.

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