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Mount Mary's 2013 CREO Fashion Show
Held at the Harley-Davidson Museum, the show featured a few surprises and some sweet leather looks.
Last Friday, Mount Mary's students hosted their annual fashion show and this year's theme was "juxtapose." It was certainly well executed. The show was held at the Harley-Davidson Museum, whose parking set-up looks a bit like a runway, and was a fitting way to  enter the show. I attended the 8 p.m. show, the last of the three that day. 

Once inside, a large gallery was transformed into a narrow cinder block-shaped runway, w hich wrapped around metal support structures. Purple and blue lighting added flair. The beats, of course, were flowing. Once everyone had taken their seats, the show began with two dancers, whose contrasting moves  - one twirling on pointed toes and another riffing on hip-hop moves - glided up and down the runway. Their differing styles hammered home the theme. The night would be full of contrasting styles. 

Please excuse the quality of my iPhone photos.

The show began, and featured a range of designs from swimwear to formalwear, and even a lovely wedding gown. There were looks for children and and dolls, and from lace and leather to sheer overlays, there was a variety of womenswear trends and trends-to-be. The students did outstanding work with leather - items that included a quilted leather jacket, leather embellishments and a smart tan leather shift dress with pea-coat buttons. 

Also, menswear. One pair of dark-wash denim pants with leather detailing was particularly impressive and well-fitting.  
In all, it was a lively and hopeful look and the design talent bubbling at Mount Mary. 

Student curated a 
tumblr leading up to the show, so check out the designs in the making, set-up and the students' inspiration.  

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