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Morning Links for May 13, 2013
Scott Walker's every move, red barns and liveblogging your life.

Welcome back, dear reader. Break your weekend news fast by digging into these juicy Morning Links.

  • The Journal Sentinel takes a deep dive into UWM’s “dry lab” partnership with Johnson Controls and what the project means for the university’s push toward research. (Hint: It could mean good things for your car’s battery.)

  • The search for bodies in the Bangladesh garment-factory building collapse has ended, reports The Washington Post. The death count has reached 1,127. Two political moves (allowing workers to form a union without the company owner’s permission and raising the minimum wage) are seen as a direct response to the global garment industry’s worst disaster.

  • Sweetwater Organics has closed shop, says the Business Journal, leaving an unpaid loan in its wake. 

  • Do you know why barns are painted red? Red paint is usually the cheapest. But the reason behind red paint’s frugal nature is what Smithsonian magazine’s “Smart News” blog explains.

  • The Economist reports on a new device that will let you “liveblog” your life. Basically, it’s a stamp-sized camera that snaps a photo every 30 seconds. 24 hours a day, every day. The prototype is running into some privacy issues (you think?) but is expected to debut soon.

  • The Cap Times has a map tracking Gov. Scott Walker’s every move since the presidential election. He has yet to make a stop in Iowa, generally a key point for all hopeful. Rand Paul has already staked his territory.

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