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Morning Links for May 1, 2014
Toronto's embattled mayor, a suspected heroin overdose, and Han Solo's return.
Jump on the Morning Links bandwagon. It will make you a smarter, happier person. 

  • Controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is taking a personal leave from his duties (after revealing plans to get treatment for alcoholism). But city councilors are saying that's not enough, Rob.

  • In pop culture news, the cause of death for Peaches Geldof, the British socialite and daughter of Live Aid founder Bob Geldof, has been released, weeks after her April 7 death. Heroin is believed to have played a role.

  • Two inmates have been killed and other injured in a gas explosion in a Florida jail.

  • May the force be with you. When the latest movie in the Star Wars franchise is released (that would be Star Wars: Episode VII), some familiar faces will be back.   

  • A Texas vet is accused of keeping a sick dog alive for the purposes of harvesting its blood. The dog’s owners thought it had been euthanized.

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