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Hi Hat's New Menu
Fried chicken to lobster rolls.


                                      Hanger steak special from Hi Hat Lounge & Garage

Spring, yeah. I can say that word with something other than disbelief. Spring typically means menu changes. Hi Hat Lounge and Garage (1701 N. Arlington Pl.) is on it. Head chef Bryan Phillips debuted the new menu yesterday. Every night features a special like Saturday's hanger steak with fries and red wine shallot sauce ($15). Other specials? Wednesdays (after 5 p.m.): $6 bowl of ramen; Thursday (after 5): fried chicken with slaw, fries and biscuits ($12). As for the regular menu, there are sandwiches like a banh mi, seared tuna steak, Reuben, and shrimp po' boy. Burgers include the Brady St., with Carr Valley cheddar and bacon ($11-$12). Huose specialties: mac and cheese (andouille sausage optional) and grilled cheese and tomato soup ($8). Open Mon-Fri from 4 p.m.; Sat-Sun from 10 a.m. (414-220-8090)

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