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Energized Juiceboxxx
Local rapper raises money to start line of energy drinks

Anyone who’s ever seen a shirtless Juiceboxxx unleash his various “Thunder Jams” in person knows the Milwaukee native is, if nothing else, an energetic rapper. Now, you can help spread Juiceboxxx’s unparalleled vigor to the masses by funding his campaign to produce Thunder Zone Energy drink.

First reported in Forbes last December, Juiceboxxx’s label aims to put out music, as well as other items like press-on nails and an energy drink. Thunder Zone Energy is the inaugural entrepreneurial venture of his aptly named company, Thunder Zone Entertainment. To make his first product a reality, though, JB needs to raise $7,500 by June 2.

As he details in the (NSFW, language) video on his IndieGoGo campaign page, since the age of 15 (10 years ago) he’s been “putting out records and playing shows everywhere from Japan to Iowa with only one real mission: to bring the thunder to the people.”

He continues, “We all know how intense of an experience a Juiceboxxx live show can be. But what if there was something that we could all drink right before I go on stage that takes things to the next level? That’s where Thunder Zone comes in.”

Where you come in is by donating to the campaign. Perks range from “Respect” ($1 donation) all the way to the $1,500 perk of two cases of Thunder Zone, which will be hand delivered by Juiceboxxx himself before performing a private concert. Juiceboxxx records, digital downloads of his forthcoming album I Don’t Want To Go Into The Darkness, mixtape shoutouts, pizza parties and signed Thunder Zone cans are also available with pledges between $10 and $500.

At the time this was written, the campaign had just $460 of support. If you care to assist a young entrepreneur’s strange-but-realistic dream of making his mark in the energy drink world, be sure to toss a few bucks Juiceboxxx’s way.

Personally, I’m curious to see what an even more energized Juiceboxxx would be like. 

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