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Bombarding Pabst
Tweeting, meeting and all things #BringPBRhome.

Pabst Brewing Co. is being bombarded with tweets, posts and all things #BringPBRhome.  

It’s been pedal to the metal since we last covered the Bringing Back Pabst effort, in March. The campaign’s Facebook page has soared from 1,861 to 4,142 likes; the bringpbrhome.com website is now live; and more than 1,700 signatures have filled open letters to the current Pabst owner, Dean Metropoulos, and the Milwaukee Common Council, asking to bring the brewing company back to Milwaukee. The letters will be delivered to Milwaukee’s City Hall today.

At the moment, Bring PBR Home and followers are trying to start conversations with the company, sending out tweets and posts. Some have been pre-written for would-be volunteers. “You can just cut, paste and deliver,” says Susie Seidelman, an organizer of the Bring PBR Home effort.

So far, the group has heard no response from Pabst, though today’s drive has led to hundreds of posts on Pabst-related pages. “There’s no way they haven’t heard about it,” says Seidelman. “Hopefully they will take us seriously.”

The group will be hosting a series of community meetings, beginning Wednesday, April 23 at the Historic Pabst Brewery’s Best Place tavern at 5:30 p.m. (future venues to be determined). The gatherings are intended as a place to share ideas. “We see ourselves as facilitators of the conversation but not the owners of it,” says Seidelman.

Amid the dreamers and excitement, some don’t like the idea of bringing Pabst back to Milwaukee. Milwaukee Record posted "4 reasons why Milwaukee should NOT 'bring Pabst home'" today, with the No. 1 reason being that “Pabst seriously f--ked Milwaukee over in the ’90s.”

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