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Morning Links for April 9, 2013
All the news that's fit to link.
Cozy up in your cube with some fine morning reading about our city and beyond. 
  • This weekend local music ensemble Present Music, in collaboration with the Milwaukee Opera Theatre, will present the "world premiere" of The Judgment of Midas this weekend, notes the Shepherd Express, which calls the production "the most expansive" work in Present Music's 26-year history. 
  • The Journal Sentinel reports that the county's audit cites about $4 million in services that the Sheriff's Department could drop to save the county some taxpayer cash. Some of those services include the canine unit, airport and County Grounds security, park patrols, information technology and bus security. 
  • The Journal Sentinel and Marquette are hosting a conference to discuss the viability of a new sports arena. During yesterday's discussion, opinions varied greatly. 
  • The National Digital Public Library, a free online collection of the country's research libraries, archives and museums, will launch April 18, according to the New York Review of Books. Grad students everywhere rejoice.
  • Fox News journalist Jana Winter faced up to six months in jail for failing to reveal her sources for a story about the Aurora, Col. theater shooter. But yesterday, the Judge decided that there was not enough information to proceed with the case. "As soon as the record is adequate, the Court will move forward," he said.
  • There's a new technology called CourseSmart that enables teachers to check whether students have read their textbooks or if they've skipped pages, says The New York Times. Grad students are likely not rejoicing about this.The New Yorker reports that a Friar in Tenosique, Mexico is literally risking his head to take a stand against the Zetas, one of Mexico's largest and most violent drug cartels. 

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