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Morning Links for April 8, 2013
A new conservative marketing strategy, Margaret Thatcher and taxpayer-funded travel.

Take solace in the bright lights of your computer screen this rainy Monday morning as we give you a retreat of sunny (and not-so-sunny) news items.

  • Think conservatives need a better marketing strategy? So does U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican, who launched a video campaign under the “Victims of Government” moniker, reports the JS.

  • A band of sweet toothed-criminals made off with a trailer full of Nutella in Germany over the weekend, reports the AP. Apparently the same group stole energy drinks from the same location. Sounds like breakfast is served.

  • Margaret Thatcher, who ruled Britain for 11 years, died this morning following a stroke. The Journal Sentinel has the story.

  • Daniel Bice at the JS breaks down the $15,000 price tag for Milwaukee County Board’s travel in 2012. At the top of the list? A $5,000 charge to send nine supervisors and staffers to the annual conference of the Wisconsin Counties Association in La Crosse.

  • The discussion about the death of filmmaker Lee Halpin, who froze to death while sleeping on the streets to report on the homeless in Britain, continues. Is he a martyr?

  • Rutgers University will hire an independent adviser to look into the firing of former coach Mike Rice. Rice was let go from his position after a Youtube video of him throwing basketballs and yelling anti-gay slurs at players surfaced. Yikes.
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