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Meteah Strike
The reunion show.

Meteah Strike

There are a number of reasons that bands opt to play reunion shows. Usually the decision to dust off old songs again is one rooted in not knowing when to let go, in subsequent musical attempts not panning out, or in the appeal to make some quick cash with a rare performance. But for The Meteah Strike, who held a steady place in Milwaukee’s music scene from 2001 to 2006, the reasons behind the band’s return to the stage seem based in fun, togetherness and an appreciation of the past.

Although members of the long-dissolved indie rock outfit went on to play in bands such as Fable & The World Flat, Fresh Cut Collective, Cyborg Fortress and a variety of other musical endeavors, the member’s of The Meteah Strike will come together Saturday for a one-time-only Milwaukee reunion. In accordance with his first serious band’s return to the stage, Music Notes caught up with Meteah Strike guitarist Matthew Gorski.

Explain the origin of the band.

Matt Gorski: Originally, it started with me and Steven Look. We just started writing songs in 2001. We got a couple guys to do it with us. After about a year or so, we had another lineup change. I had moved to guitar, and we got another bass player.

When it all started, you were in high school, right?

Yeah. I was a freshman in high school, and when it ended I was a freshman in college.

Why did you ultimately break up?

Our bass player, Bob, he went on to school.

And where did he go?

UWM. He just wanted to focus more on school than putting time into the band, really.

Was this the first band that you ever had?

Actually, Steve and I were in a ska band previous to this. We had played about a year and did a bunch of basement shows. But this was the first band where we hit it real hard. We went into the studio, we were always writing songs, went on tour. So, yeah, probably the first serious band.

When you look back on it, is this band different than any band that you’ve had since?

Yeah, I mean, bands after that… it’s real business oriented, we’re actually trying to make a business out of it. Meteah Strike had that in mind, but it was mostly about having fun. I remember having rehearsals, and we’d just laugh the whole time and not get much done.

What are your best memories and some of your firsts that you’ve had in the band?

Touring was one. Recording was great. We did our first EP in my parent’s basement. The tour was fun. We went around the Midwest – Indiana into Michigan, Illinois, just hitting up little towns here and there. It was about 10 days, and we were hitting up a different town everyday.

What is the reason for the reunion after all the new bands that you’ve had since and after all these years?

Well, we’re all still friends, and we all still make music intermittently – nothing serious, just for fun. And we were always down with the idea of reuniting for a show or whatever. And a promoter actually offered us a headlining show at an all-ages venue, so we bit. It seems like a good idea to do it at the time.

Will this be a one-show thing, or will it be something that you, every now and then, revisit as long as you all want to do it?

We’re pretty much just going to do this show, and then the weekend after this show we’re playing in Rockford. I doubt we’re ever going to do this again.

I’m looking forward to doing it because it’s going to bring together a lot of old friends that don’t really see each other much anymore. That’s what I’m really looking forward to. It’s not only a reunion for us, it’s a reunion for everybody that was around at the time. It was just a big scene of friends, and every time we played, it would be a big hangout. And now – everybody moves on, makes new friends and shit, but it’ll be a big party.

The Meteah Strike will headline a 5 p.m. show Saturday at Miramar Theatre. Into it. Over it., Native, The Felix Culpa, Post Addition, Cloud Mouth, and Mr. Hawk Fight are also slated to play.

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Aaron Anders Posted: 4/25/2011 10:55:16 PM
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I've always liked these guys, bummer they broke up!
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