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Morning Links for April 7, 2014
Words in the wake of the weekend.

We're sorry your weekend had to end. But at least the Links are here for you. And so is something else on the Internet.

  • The Milwaukee Bucks are either very close to being sold, or not quite that close to being sold, depending on which report you read. Bucks center Larry Sanders, meanwhile, struck a tone of advocacy when he said "I believe in marijuana" after his recent suspension for using it.
  • Milwaukee police were involved in a shooting Sunday that left a rifle-toting suspect hospitalized, a house with bullet holes and a mother saying police overreacted, according to a Fox 6 report.
  • Milwaukee hasn't forgotten Michelle Witmer, whose 2004 death in Iraq made her the first female Wisconsin National Guard soldier to die in combat. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel chronicles how her family and fellow soldiers attended a ceremony Sunday that renamed a Milwaukee street in Witmer's honor.
  • If you're still bummed about the Wisconsin Badgers losing that Final Four heartbreaker to Kentucky, this Wisconsin State Journal piece might make you feel better. Well, once next season arrives, anyway.
  • And finally, you can now take the Milwaukee Record for a spin. The new venture from AV Club Milwaukee refugees (and all-around clever chaps) Matt Wild and Tyler Maas went live today. We await their appearance on many of the Internet's finest listicles.

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