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Trend Watch
These funky wrist candies are just in time for spring.

Images courtesy of ToyWatch. 

Sometimes you just need a weekend time piece, or a concert-going clock, or just something fun - and functional - on your wrist. Enter ToyWatch, a line of watches sold throughout the world that have a serious dose of playful style. The Maya woven wool watch above is the perfect example. Its woven band is reminiscent of your childhood summer camp's braided concoctions, but its sophisticated and simple face ensure it can be worn by adults. 

More braided creations. Gold dresses up these casual styles whose friendly prices start at $168. 

These beauties scream "summer at the office," with polished, large faces closer to the menswear styles popularized for women in the last half decade, yet casual enough for jeans and a blazer. Prices for this style start at $178. 

The styles above are the professional watches' hard-partying sisters. Day-glo for a Coachella show? Check. Or simply some cheery summer decoration to spice up a neutral outfit. Watches from the "cruise" collection start the accessible price of $148. 

Lastly, this crazy-cool snake design wraps up your arm in a brightly colored silicone, and has a face made for easy adjusting with its dial directly located on top. Prices for the "viper" style range from $148-$228.

The watches are, of course, all available online, but you can also  check them out locally at Prescott Miller in Greendale and Lyle Husar Designs in Brookfield. 

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