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Opening Day Fashion
The Fashionista's favorite finds.

Photo by Lynee Ruiz.

While it's pretty hard to stay chic at opening day while you're dodging full cups of Miller and trampling over peanut shells, we kept our eyes peeled for the best looks in the crowd. The trend? The bolder, the crazier,  the better. And instead of fashion, the apparel du jour was closer to costumes - wacky, yes. But delightfully celebratory as well. Enjoy some of our favorite finds below. 

Photo by John Grant. 

These adorable ladies bopped around with antennas and Brewers t-shirts, sending quite the fashion mixed signals.

Photo by John Grant. 

We've had cheeseheads hats, and now there are Kegheads. This gentleman's brat necklace added a special touch, and could soon be a Wisconsin-lover's accent on rear-view mirrors everywhere. 

Photo by John Grant. 

The Bernie hat. It's got an extremely long mustache, and pom-poms which lend it a winter-gear effect, perfect for the cold weather of opening day. The real question: where was the Bob Uecker apparel?

Photo by John Grant. 

This Brewer Elvis took the cake, complete with a cape (not pictured), sequined Brewers belt and, naturally, hulk hands. With a snarl like that,  I had to get a picture with him.

Did you make it to opening day? Did you see any crazy gear? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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