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Morning Links for April 5, 2013
A political escape hatch, more abuse from the Rutgers coaching staff and a supernova to remember.
Morning Links has returned from the shadowy halls of the American news media with a few choice items to recommend on this spring-like Friday.

  • County Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic has said she's maintained a civil relationship with County Executive Chris Abele, but now she's calling for a mediator to help settle differences between the board and the philanthropist's administration. Abele brushed off the idea, the Journal Sentinel reports.
  • Gov. Scott Walker has dragged his feet on appointing judges to fill vacancies in Dane County. Why? "Nobody in their right mind is going to accept an appointment in Dane County," he told the State Journal. Voters will oust his appointee at the first opportunity, he reasons, as happened on Tuesday.
  • In other Walker news, the governor is headlining a Republican fundraiser in Iowa in late May, the Associated Press has learned. Before that, he has trips planned that will take him to California to speak to a group of Jewish Republicans and Arkansas for a Reagan Day Dinner. This is what they call "testing the waters."
  • The light from a star that exploded more than 10 billion years ago has just reached the Hubble telescope, and looks like it made it just in time. Analyzing the supernova could further elucidate how the universe expanded in its earliest days.
  • Rutgers head coach Mike Rice wasn't the only coach on the basketball team shoving players and hurling insults at them, The Star-Ledger in Newark, N.J., reports. Now an assistant coach has resigned under similar circumstances.
  • Coverage of film critic Roger Ebert's death continues (see: Google News). The L.A. Times names "five unexpected ways" the Chicago Sun-Times writer changed film journalism.

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