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Morning Links for April 4, 2014
Bill Kramer, Kaukauna election snafu and e-cigs.

What we're reading on this fine Friday morning.

  • WisPolitics is reporting that the state Assembly isn't moving quickly to expel Bill Kramer, accused of sexual assault, but leaders are still calling for his resignation.
  • Breaking: A "veteran Associated Press photographer" and a 60-year-old reporter have been shot by an Afghan policeman, Reuters reports. Both journalists were sitting in the back of a car, and one has died.
  • Reuters also says that an outbreak of the deadly virus Ebola, which causes hemorrhagic fever, appears to be spreading in western Africa. 
  • And we go to the the Daily Mail for a thoroughly legitimate story on the rising, er, "soaring" number of poisoning cases linked to e-cigarettes.

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