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Morning Links for April 3, 2014
Brisket-filled pinatas, icky golf gloves, and single-ingredient restaurants.

It’s another gorgeous spring day in Milwaukee. And other bevy of five quick morning reads.

  • The FBI has raided the home of someone law enforcement is calling a “real-life Indiana Jones.” The 91-year-old artifact collector has apparently “unknowingly or knowingly improperly” amassed a collection of artifacts of great cultural significance.

  • We had a piñata in the Mil Mag office yesterday! We know you want one, too. Sorry, we can’t give you a piñata. But we can offer you a video of Conan O’Brien catapulting brisket-filled piñatas!

  • Lots of people just like a single ingredient. You know, like children. The newest trend in restaurants is the “single-ingredient” restaurant.

  • Hey, what are those golf gloves you’re wearing really made of? Could be stolen dog skins from Thailand.

  • And finally. The stomach ache that turned out to be a 9-pound baby. Yikes. 

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