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Morning Links for April 30, 2013
From Scott Walker's budget to Apple's profits and misdemeanor crimes.

Good morning, ye Milwaukeeans. Let's get to the reading. 

  • A.V. Club Milwaukee has a brief preview of the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, which kicks off its 13th year May 3. 
  • There's a chance you could be seeing those orange construction cones dotting the highways for a while to come. Scott Walker's proposed budget would cut transportation spending, delaying the I-94 and Zoo Interchange projects, while also cutting funds to Amtrak's Hiawatha service, says the Journal Sentinel. 
  • The Journal Sentinel also has a (relatively) entertaining list of all the ways you can earn a misdemeanor charge in Milwaukee County. Why? Because Walker and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen are proposing to collect DNA for misdemeanor convictions as well as felony arrests to aid in solving violent crimes. So if you're preparing to "misuse the term 'cooperative'," or commit "violations relating to the possession of clams," watch out. 
  • Sports Illustrated's cover story created quite the buzz yesterday when Jason Collins, an actively playing center in the NBA, decided to come out as gay. New York Magazine collected the almost entirely positive reactions from his peers. 
  • : ( - That's a sad emoticon for all of the Apple fanboys and girls - not to mention investors  -  who learned, via Wired, that Samsung's net profits grew 42 percent in the first three months of 2013, while Apple's net profits were on track to decline - the first time that has happened in nearly a decade. 

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