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Cabbage Patch Kids
These kids grew cabbages that look like enemies from Super Mario Bros.
Bonnie Plants, an Alabama company that raises vegetables, flowers and other plants for sale around the country, holds a giant cabbage competition each year that's known for producing humongous specimens. Many of the plants raised by third graders reach 35 pounds; at least once has broken the 50-pound barrier.

Out of the approximately one million cabbage plants shipped to schools around the country each year, 48 winners are chosen by state agriculture directors. Wisconsin's most recent victor, Hailey Richardson of Lodi, a town north of Madison, grew her over-sized "O.S. Cross" breed of Brassica oleracea to an impressive 35 pounds.

Hailey Richardson with the prize-winning plant

Here are some of the other winners and a few submitted photos courtesy of bonnieplants.com.

Wisconsin's 2011 winner, Austin Mezera

Georgia's 2012 winner, Collin

Connecticut's 2012 winner, Genevieve

Arkansas' 2012 winner, Emily

Mil Mag award for greenest cabbage

Mil Mag award for best use of cabbage as strategic cover

Mil Mag award for most professional entry photo

Mil Mag award for best use of light and perspective

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