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Food Lover's Guide
Where to find the best butchers, cheeses, seafood, spices, bakeries, chocolate and even ethnic groceries. Plus classes and 17 of the finest locally made artisanal products.

Edited and written by Ann Christenson
With Abby Callard, Claire Hanan and Matt Hrodey
Photos by Adam Ryan Morris

It feels like we spend an awful lot of energy defending the city from outside perceptions. Yes, there are the taunts of a sophistication deficit and a borderline obsession with meat and cheese. But our level of cultivation can be addressed by zeroing in on the second part of that charge: meat and cheese. Unlike cities whose culinary traditions have faded over time, we still have a healthy butcher shop culture (energized by a new generation of local food pros). As for cheese, our state produces some of the country’s award-winning best, so dairy is something we can’t help but feel impassioned about.

Milwaukee holds its own when it comes to artisanal food sophistication. Bakers, makers of sausage, fishmongers, spice merchants. We profile the area’s best. We’ll also tell you how you can expand your food knowledge and assemble The Ultimate Wisconsin Artisanal Cheese Plate. Obsession is not only expected. It’s encouraged. 

More of what you love from our epicurean guide.

Ethnic Grocery Stores
The Ultimate Wisconsin Cheese Plate
Special Cuts
Fish & Seafood
Classes, Workshops and Tastings
Wisconsin Products
Oils & Vinegars


This article appears in the May 2013 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.
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