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Morning Links for April 28, 2014
A sobering start to the work week.
Some unfortunate reminders that the linked-up world can be a dangerous, and often ignorant, place.

  • Parts of the southern and central United States are recovering from an overnight tornado outbreak that's left at least 17 people dead and hundreds more in shock. ABC News has more details, including video of the storms.
  • Violence in eastern Ukraine continues, and the latest high-profile incident involves pro-Russian forces shooting the mayor of Ukraine's second-largest city. The Kharkiv mayor is reportedly clinging to life, according to this Washington Post report.
  • Some stories are worth retelling. Like that of PFC Helmer Panek. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recounts the life and death of the World War II veteran, including the unusual circumstances that kept his death a longtime secret, because it happened during a D-Day rehearsal.
  • No matter how you felt about Herb Kohl's tenure as Milwaukee Bucks owner, and regardless of how on the fence you are about new prospective owners Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens, be thankful for one thing: They're not Donald Sterling. As ESPN reports, the Los Angeles Clippers owner, no stranger to controversy, has found it again in the wake of a taped conversation in which he makes several racist comments.
  • And finally, on a lighter note, f you ask us, every week in Milwaukee is Beer Week. But this week, it's sort of official. So now you can think of beer as your civic duty.

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