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Big Sean and Yo-Dot
Plus more in your weekly dose of local shows.


Tuesday, April 29: Sea Wolf with Wes Kilpatrick at Shank Hall, 8 p.m. ($15)

Forgoing his touring band, Alex Brown Church has been hitting the road solo with an acoustic guitar. The stripped-down approach suits the Los-Angeles-based musician well. His charming, tranquil arrangements are rarely overcrowded with needless instrumentation. Mainly, Church’s shaky voice and acoustic guitar remain front and center in the mix. The singer recently achieved a Kickstarter goal for an upcoming back-to-basics record that only original backers will receive, but it seems likely that Church will debut some of that material on this tour. (1434 N. Farwell Ave., ShankHall.com)


Wednesday, April 30: Chicago at the Riverside Theater, 6:30 p.m. ($49.50-$65)

Death, taxes and Chicago. The third certainty of human life plays two shows in Milwaukee—one tonight and a second, inexplicably, four nights later. Any Roman numeral novice can quickly become an expert by studying the band’s extensive album titles. Since 1967, the jazz fusion ensemble has named its records by its number in the discography. They’re up to XXXVI—or 36, for laymen. The record, out in July, features all original material—the first time since 2006, and second since 1991. So, expect to sit through some new cuts until the band finally gets to its hits “25 Or 6 To 4” and “If You Leave Me Now.” (116 W. Wisconsin Ave., PabstTheater.org)

Also: Roger Hodgson at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino, 8 p.m. ($72-$84) – (1721 W. Canal St., PaysBig.com) 

Thursday, May 1: Roger Hodgson at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino, 8 p.m. ($72-$84)

Roger Hodgson stepped away from Supertramp more than 30 years ago. He said he wanted to spend more time with his family as the key reason for his departure. Supertramp soldiered on Hodgson-less and to much less success. Hodgson embarked on a middling solo career, as well, that spawned two studio albums almost instantly and then a follow-up in 2000. Hodgson routinely denies the constant reunion rumors, so this will be your only chance to hear Supertramp classics “Take The Long Way Home” and “Logical Song” from the guy who wrote them. (1721 W. Canal St., PaysBig.com)

Also: Goners with Pretty Pretty and Appleseeds at Quarters Rock n’ Roll Palace, 9 p.m. – (900 E. Center St.) 

And: Bunny Brains with Lucky Bone, WC Tank and Irrelevant Mouth at Borg Ward, 8 p.m. ($6) – (823 W. National Ave.)

Friday, May 2: Anvil with Burning Sons, Panther and Ahab’s Ghost at the Metal Grill, 7 p.m. ($15 advance, $20 day of show)

The rock band infamously profiled in the 2006 documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil embodies all the faux grandiosity of playing in a 1980s heavy metal band in the 21st Century. While influential—albeit minorly—the Canadians never experienced that much popularity, but a meager following and poor management never dissuaded the trio from throwing in the towel. Anvil shares many similarities with the fictional Spinal Tap—the drummer even has the same name as director Rob Reiner—but whereas the titular rockstars ultimately perform a sold-out show in Japan, their real-life counterparts, somewhat heroically, continue to pursue their career in spite of any significant response. (5036 South Packard Ave., Cudahy, themetalgrill.com)

Also: Fox Face with GGOOLLDD, Bad Bad Bad and Prognosis Negative at Riverwest Public House, 9 p.m. ($5)

The opening track off the fierce, rambunctious punk rock EP from female-fronted Fox Face asks, “Do you want to drink a 40? (Hell yeah!) Well let’s have a party.” Fox Face boasts a decidedly fun, hedonistic approach that captures its spry, spirited music perfectly. GGOOLLDD lands on the opposite end of the sonic spectrum, but regardless exudes the same mentality. The synth-poppers have almost instantly become one Milwaukee’s most exciting and accessible outfits. While they currently lack a breadth of material – no release is available yet, but an EP is promised for May – GGOOLLDD has been filling the time with a supremely catchy Fleetwood Mac cover. If you’ve ever bemoaned the lack of women in the Milwaukee music scene, this is a must-see. Proceeds from the show go to Girls Rock Milwaukee, which throws a summer music camp for girls aged 8-16 in August. Read Milwaukee Magazine’s feature on the organization from last June. (815 E. Locust St., RiverwestPublicHouse.WordPress.com)

And: Zeus with The Atomic Spins and The Midwestern Charm at the Cactus Club, 9:30 p.m. ($7) – (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., CactusClubMilwaukee.com)

And: Roger Hodgson at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino, 8 p.m. ($72-$84) – (1721 W. Canal St., PaysBig.com)


Saturday, May 3: Big Sean with Yo-Dot at the Rave, 8 p.m. ($28-$33)

Big Sean received the Kanye West seal of approval when Yeezus signed the Detroit rapper to his label GOOD Music. Sean’s suitably fulfilled the star-in-the-making role the shining endorsement garnered him. Both his studio albums, 2011’s Finally Famous and 2013’s Hall of Fame, landed No. 3 on the Billboard 200. And to add some extra icing on the cake, last week he supposedly became the first person to rap at the White House—even if the event was held for a bunch of kids there for the annual Easter Egg Roll, still, it’s the White House. The gritty Milwaukee rapper Yo-Dot opens the show. (2401 W. Wisconsin Ave., TheRave.com)

 Also: Califone (back room show) at Sugar Maple, 8 p.m. ($20) – (441 E. Lincoln Ave., MySugarMaple.com)

And: Hip Hop Showcase hosted by Blax: Sydnee B, Flotron, Dark Nine, Dee Presh, AR Wesley, Eye See You, Music By Moses at the Cactus Club, 9 p.m. – (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., CactusClubMilwaukee.com)

And: French Horn Rebellion with Hollow and Akimbo at Mad Planet, 9 p.m. ($8 advance, $10 day of show) – (533 E. Center St, Mad-Planet.net)

And: Sweetalk with Oceans Over Airplanes and 50 Breaks at Frank’s Power Plant, 9 p.m. ($5) – (2800 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., FranksPowerPlant.com)

And: Antler House (Album Release) with Soul Low and Ugly Brothers at Yield Bar, 9 p.m. (Free) – (1932 E. Kenilworth Pl.)

And: Criminal Code with Earth Girls, Midwives and Foreign Lawns at Quarters Rock n’ Roll Palace, 9 p.m. ($6) – (900 E. Center St.)

And: Roger Hodgson at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino, 8 p.m. ($72-$84) – (1721 W. Canal St., PaysBig.com) 

Sunday, May 4: John Wiese with Pedestrian Deposit, Reptile Worship, Nummy, Bridges of Konigsberg and Invertabit at Borg Ward, 7 p.m. ($7)

Also: Head on Electric with Pow Wow at Circle A Café, 8 p.m. ($3) – (932 E. Chambers St., Circle-A-Café.org) 

And: 1-800-BAND with Bored Games and DJ Jon Heebz at Quarters Rock n’ Roll Palace, 9 p.m. – (900 E. Center St.)

And: Chicago at the Riverside Theater, 6:30 p.m. ($49.50-$65) – (116 W. Wisconsin Ave., PabstTheater.org)

Image via Shutterstock.

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heartsong62 Posted: 4/28/2014 6:50:53 PM
 0   0    

It is rare to find someone so comfortable with himself and the people with him on the stage......and yet Roger Hodgson is just that. Now add playing in the same venue for 4 nights in a row, something Roger rarely does..... simply magic!! From the moment Roger walks onto the stage with his band, the audience feels the spell he begins to weave. For some it is the first time they have felt the magic, others they had waited a long time to experience Roger live, buying their tickets months prior and counting down the days. Roger frequently offer a light hearted, humorous side to the audience, interjecting personal messages to fans who went to his website and left heartfelt thoughts. It is easy to see how comfortable he is with his audiences and they embrace Roger and the band. All one has to do is close their eyes and hear notes of the past but with his current lineup much more vibrant and fresh, for Roger sounds better then ever!! Look for a performance close to you, travels as I did, to see Roger in action, it is worth every penny!! Be warned, you will want to feel his performances again and again......
Carissa Posted: 4/28/2014 5:18:21 PM
 8   0    

The excitement is building for Roger Hodgson's four-night run of shows in Milwaukee with band and orchestra!! I know friends that are travelling from all over the world to see him, you may find yourself doing the same after experiencing his concerts just one time! Roger's voice is strong, powerful and his songs resound so deeply for so many people - his concerts are better described as a winding musical journey, coursing through the tunes that have become the guide and sound track to our lives. Not to mention Roger's enigmatic, magnetic charisma that you feel instantly from the first moment he gently walks onto the stage. Do not miss out on this one if you can help it! To hold you until the first night's show, check out Roger's YouTube channel - http://www.YouTube.com/RogerHodgson
AmericanGirl Posted: 4/28/2014 4:52:47 PM
 2   2    

Counting the hours until I see my favorite artist, Roger Hodgson, co-founder and voice of Supertramp, on Wednesday and Thursday! I might even get tickets for Friday and Saturday, too! Once you see Roger in concert, you are immediately planning for the next time. His shows are brilliant and that voice of his sounds even better today than on my Supertramp vinyls. Plus, what a tight band he has! See the original singer/songwriter of the band's greatest hits - Dreamer, Take the Long Way Home, Give a Little Bit, The Logical Song, Breakfast in America, School, It's Raining Again, and so many more! Give yourself a gift and come to one (or more!) of his shows. I saw all tour details on his Facebook page at https://www.Facebook.com/RogerHodgson. See you on Wednesday! I'll be the lady singing (not too loudly) and dancing!
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