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You Should Know Teenage Moods
This Twin Cities band provides answers on all your most-asked questions about teenagers.

Check them out:
Saturday, April 27 at Quarters with Heavy Times (IL), Telecraft and Micronics

What the big deal?
Hey, mom and dad! Want to know what’s really making your teenager tick? What’s behind all the poisonous glares at the dinner table? The slammed doors? The weird friends? The all-night phone calls? And what is that godawful noise they’re listening to?

For the answers to these questions and more, have a listen to Teenage Moods. The Twin Cities band is made up of former teenagers, and will be in Milwaukee to address your concerns Saturday at Quarters, with rock ‘n’ roll songs about major crushes, big bummers and waking up late. The band’s most recent album, Grow, is available on a CD-Rom that can be conveniently played on the family entertainment center.

Kids: If you haven’t listened to Teenage Moods yet, you’re going to love them just as much as the ’rents. Grow is the accumulation of all the best parts of rock music from the last 50 years – catchy melodies, rumbling bass lines, the occasional burst of noise – stuffed into catchy, instantly gratifying pop tunes. With sweet hooks and lyrics that sound inspired by notebook doodles, this album is like rock ‘n’ roll smelling salts for all those 20-somethings losing touch with their youth.

What people are saying
“Teenage Moods' G-rated songs are chock-full of stories about cats and bunnies and flowers, and revel in power chords and sugary pop hooks.” – Citypages

“In a town where the word ‘local’ is a cue for approving nods and smiles, Teenage Moods are proving that they’re worth more than shallow acceptance.” – Minnesota Daily

“…they sprawl out riffs and melodies (buried under the fuzz) in a fashion that can only be described as controlled chaos.” – Reviler

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