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Morning Links for April 26, 2013
The wild story of "Danny," serious pay cut for county supervisors and the passing of George Jones.

Once again, the country's leaders are hard at work making news for everyone to read, though you may disregard it completely and cut straight to the story about the "devilishly beautiful" man deported from Saudi Arabia. Your choice.

  • Milwaukee County supervisors vote to cut their pay by 20 percent, but is it enough? Republicans in the state Legislature have grander plans. The Journal Sentinel is on the county beat.

  • Gov. Scott Walker is starting to back down from his pledge to increase funding for the UW System by $181 million in the state budget being debated now. The public university system has taken a bludgeoning since late last week, when news broke that it had hundreds of millions of dollars in reserves idling in accounts spread across the state. AP reports.

  • Meet "Danny," the 26-year old "Chinese entrepreneur" who was carjacked by Tamerlan Tsarnaev and whose narrow escape at a gas station helped police track down the Boston Marathon bombers. The Boston Globe interviewed him at length.

  • The Journal Sentinel tells how a former POW tapped on a wall to spread the story of a Milwaukee native who died in captivity. Also, Wisconsin's last Honor Flight is coming up, Shorewood Patch says.

  • Is Omar Borkan al Gala too handsome for Saudi Arabia? Religious police in the country recently deported the photographer/writer/model/actor over purported fears that he would seduce visitors to the country, the New York Daily News reports.

  • And this just in: Country crooner George Jones has passed on to the sweet hereafter. Swing low, sweet chariot.



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