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Whitefish Bay Opening
The Bay's debut is close at hand.

Photo via Shutterstock

Bay Views

The papered windows at 342 E. Silver Spring Dr. in Whitefish Bay make things seem so quiet, so passive. But things are cooking inside The Bay. The opening of this restaurant is nigh. After a friends and family kickoff this weekend, The Bay should be rolling into “pre-opening” overdrive this week. What does that mean? The full menu won’t be available initially; the kitchen staff will slowly add to the limited choices offered in the beginning. Service will be strictly dinner in the beginning, with lunch to follow at some point. Besides a roster of entrées, executive chef Erik Hansen (most recently at Distil) is offering casual retro things like Waldorf salad, chips and onion dip, and horseradish cheddar cheese ball. Nearby Sendik’s will grind the beef for the restaurant’s burgers. Hours will likely be: Tues-Sat from 4 p.m. (thebayrestaurant.net, 414-455-3045)

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