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Barrett Camp Slams Flyer
WEAC accuses MKE mayor of backing voucher schools
WEAC, the statewide teacher's union, has accused Milwaukee mayor and gubernatorial recall candidate Tom Barrett of favoring the expansion of voucher schools, a claim his campaign says is false, according to WisPolitics.

In a flyer recently sent to members, the union compares Barrett to former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, its chosen candidate, and Kathleen Vinehout, a Democratic state Senator from western Wisconsin. All three are running in the May 8 primary deciding which Democrat will face Walker in a June 5 recall.

Under the heading of "School Privatization," it says of Barrett: "Favors expanding voucher programs and increased taxpayer support for private schools."

A note at the bottom of the flyer says Secretary of State Doug La Follette was left out because not enough info was available on his "positions on the issues included in this flyer."

Falk entered the race well before Barrett and secured the support of major public employee unions in the state, including WEAC and AFSCME Wisconsin, which have since taken shots at Barrett.

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