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“What’s the Point of Not Trying?”
The quest to Bring PBR Home marches onward.

PBR tops popped and fizzed throughout the Bring PBR Home’s first Town Hall Meeting, which convened at the Best Place tavern in Milwaukee on Wednesday evening.

A group of locals are still working to “start a conversation” to bring Pabst Brewing Co. back to Milwaukee, and at the event, they described their vision for bringing the company (more of a holder of brands than a brewer) back to town for a crowd of about 30. Who would control the company, you might ask? The city of Milwaukee, under a structure similar to the fan-owned system in place for the Green Bay Packers, the organizers said.

As of yet, they have no set plans as to how such an ownership model could evolve and asked audience members to speculate. Who will own? Who will operate? Who will benefit?

A mix of patrons stood up to put in their two cents. One admitted he was at first skeptical at this “pie-in-the-sky idea” but appreciates the gumption that has gone into it.

“Maybe it will never work, but it’s worth exploring the possibility,” says Susie Seidelman, an organizer of the Bring PBR Home effort. “The possibility is kind of awesome.”

Since we first covered the Bringing PBR Home effort back in March, the campaign has been featured by The Dallas Morning News, USA Today, and the Washington Post, though coverage has done little to touch on how the city might obtain the company – the transaction would likely cost somewhere between $500 million and $1 billion. So, not cheap.

“What is the point in not trying?” Seidelman asked on Wednesday. “Not a damn thing.”

Future Town Hall meeting dates are expected but not yet planned.

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