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A New Site for Local Festival Information
Celebrating a “journalistic showcase” of Milwaukee’s many street festivals.

Photo courtesy of Jesus Diaz 

Jabril Faraj wore a light pink shirt under a suit jacket as he talked about his vision.

He had an idea to bring Milwaukeeans and tourists an all-inclusive website dedicated to Milwaukee’s street festivals. It would be the first interactive website to house all of the festivities (and in a more hip way than just black and white text). About.com is the only other organization meagerly attempting this, and with plain text alone. “That was interesting and disappointing to me,” says Faraj. “We want to provide people with the feel of the festivals.”

Faraj teamed up with photographer Jesus Diaz and videographer Tanner Johnson, and the trio took off on a summertime adventure, exploring and documenting the city’s street fests. They attended Locust Street Festival, Summer Solstice, Brady Street Festival and Bay View Bash in 2013, capturing photos, videos and interviews for readers. Faraj calls the project a “journalistic showcase.”

The website, milwaukeestreetfestivals.com, went live on April 20, and to celebrate, a launch party will be hosted 5:30 p.m. Friday, April 25, at Kasana. Twenty-four pieces of the website’s photo and content collection will be featured at the Gallery Night.

As for the website’s future endeavors, they’re so far unclear.

“Regardless of what it [the website] might turn into, I’m glad we were able to do it and the way we did it,” Faraj says. 

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