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Political Intern Charged With Cyberstalking Women
Young aspirant also collected photos with heavyweight Republicans.
Adam Savader, the former intern who worked for Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich during the 2012 presidential campaign and who was charged last week with cyber-stalking, was a veritable moth to Republican fame. The 21-year-old's Facebook page, still open to public viewing, is jam-packed with photos of him alongside Republican statesmen, pundits and influence peddlers, including Ryan, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, a Kenosha native.

In a complaint issued by federal prosecutors on April 17 (and which was recently unsealed), Savader stands accused of hacking into the Gmail and Facebook accounts of young women, taking nude or compromising pictures from the files located therein and attempting to use them to blackmail the women into sending him new ones. FBI investigators determined that some of the 15 women included in the investigation had shared the same hometown as Savader (who was from New York state) or attended the same high school or college.

The political neophyte allegedly sent text messages to the women in fall 2012 (often in the thick of campaign season) and earlier this year threatening to release the pictures to friends, the women's mother or even the Republican National Committee. One woman claimed Savader sent her up to 80 messages a day asking for more photos.

His requests sometimes became aggressive, according to the complaint. "I want you to answer me and not take 10 minutes between messages," one message obtained by the FBI read. "Let's try this from scratch. How are you? IT SHOULD NOT TAKE YOU THIS LONG TO ANSWER A F---ING QUESTION!!! If you want to cooperate Im going to need you to answer more quickly."

The following photos show Savader, who allegedly used the pseudonym "John Smith" in the text messages, posing with a who's who of Republicans.

Paul Ryan

Scott Walker

Mitt Romney

Sarah Palin

Karl Rove

Rick Santorum

Michelle Bachman

Bill O'Reilly

Marco Rubio

Reince Priebus

S.E. Cupp

Ann Coulter

John Huntsman

Joe the Plumber

Callista and Newt Gingrich

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