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Five Signs of a Wretched Spring
One hopes our soggy city doesn't slide into the lake.
What a wet and moody spring it's been. Where there was once snow, there's now mud, trash and decrepit sailboats, though at least one ick-encrusted bank has survived.

The city's last snow bank? This craggy specimen borders the
southern end of the Shorewood Pick 'n Save.

The city's soft covering of snow melted to reveal so much
trash underneath the Marquette Interchange.

This muddy expanse in Riverwest was once an ice-skating rink
above which a sign said, "Skate / Don't Hate."

This worm ran afoul of either a Downtown pedestrian
or the incessant rain.

The Gambler, a vessel for sale in Walker's Point.

A closeup of the Gambler's stern, in the rain

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