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A Day with Good Housekeeping
A behind-the-scenes snapshot of the making of a cover shoot.

I don't often write about my own styling adventures but this was too fun not to share. Last summer I was signed with New York agency Artists by Timothy Priano as a hair and makeup artist. Signing with an agency can be really cool if you're ready to work hard and travel. The agency setting gets you out of the salon and into studios doing hair and makeup for editorials, advertising, TV and more. While a lot of my work has been in Chicago, I recently started accepting work in New York. 

This past week I was there working for the International Beauty Show as a stage artist. To my surprise, I was also asked to do hair for the cover of Good Housekeeping. I assisted celebrity hair stylist Ben Thigpen for the magazine's July issue. But while I can't give away any details, here are a few behind the scenes photos from the day's shoot. 

The wardrobe stylist (above) is hard at work. And a  seamstress is on site to alter clothes so they fit the models just right. 

Hair and makeup. In this picture, I had just taken out perfect pin curls created by Ben Thigpen.

The photographer (above) hard at work. In the background, the art director is going over the photos and placement for the cover. 

And lastly, here I am (above) using a flat iron on one of the models featured in the cover story. 

Follow my adventures on Twitter @LyneeRuiz and feel free to ask questions if you're interested about the industry.

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