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Morning Links for April 22, 2013
All the news that's fit to print.
Read up on all the news that's fit to print – or post online.

  • No doubt news will continue out of Boston for some time. Although the Boston Globe opened up its content to non-subscribers last week, you’ll have to search other outlets for news now – though that won’t be hard. The New York Times homepage this morning included a report saying the brothers looked like they were planning another attack.

  • It’s a sweet season up in Stevens Point, where maple syrup production is up after last year’s record bad year, the Steven’s Point Journal reports.

  • At the Washington Post, Monica Hesse talks about “sudden icons,” the everyday people made into symbols following tragedies. The 78-year-old runner who fell after the first blast in Boston has now joined the ranks of office workers from Sept. 11 and a firefighter from the Oklahoma City bombing. 

  • The Economist is reporting on AOL’s second life. No, it’s not some virtual existence with avatars and such. The former internet giant is actually making a comeback.

  • The rain last week made for some messy basements, reports the Journal Sentinel.

  • Our bodies are complex – sometimes gross – things, and the amount of bacteria is just one of those not-so-pleasant things. But the bacteria are actually essential to a healthy body. Mother Jones shows you how.

  • Craig Gilbert at the Journal Sentinel takes a look at why one side keeps winning the gun control debate today. But it wasn’t always that way. 

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