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Memory’s Mystique
Playing Favorites: New Work by Tyanna J. Buie at the Dean Jensen Gallery.
Easter Sunday, 4-19-92, by Tyanna Buie 
Credit: Co. of Dean Jensen Gallery

When artist Tyanna Buie was in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a professor instructed her to “write her own story.” She certainly had a deep well of experiences to mine. Often beginning with a memory or a photograph, Buie translates subject and shape into layered screen prints. Her works on paper, often large-scale, infuse the specifics of a story with more ephemeral and emotive signifiers. Texture, pattern, the swapping of details for scarred and fluid fields of ink recall the way recollections are incomplete, never quite solid. “My work is about redemption,” she says. This exhibition of new work will continue her personal journal, reminding the viewer that our life’s content is both what we remember and what we forget. (Debra Brehmer)


Playing Favorites: New Work by Tyanna J. Buie (April 25-June 28). Dean Jensen Gallery. 759 N. Water St., 414-278-7100, deanjensengallery.com.
This article appears in the April 2014 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.
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