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Morning Links for April 2, 2013
Scouring the internets so you don't have to.
A mix of hard news and guilty pleasure reads, this is what we're reading on this cold-yet-sunny morning. Now you can, too. 
  • According to the A.V. Club Milwaukee, there are rumblings of a trust trying to revive the Grand Warner Theatre (212 W. Wisconsin Ave.). The same trust successfully revived a theater in Minnesota, so they're hopeful about the Grand Warner, citing its mostly cosmetic damages. 
  • The Journal Sentinel reports that there ain't no mountain high enough for the price of Midwestern farmland, including Wisconsin's, which is selling for up to $10,000 per acre. One of the factors is a positive grain market, but Wisconsin farmland prices rose 11 percent last year despite the historic drought. 
  • Unpopular politicians, rest easy. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that there was a bill introduced yesterday in the state Senate that would make it harder to initiate a recall election. Under this bill, only politicians charged with ethics or criminal violations would eligible for recall. 
  • A judge ruled that the reselling of lawfully purchased digital files is copyright infringement, Wired says. And for now, most of the book publishing industry sighed with relief. 

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