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John Axford Has a Lot to Say About the Old Masters
The Brewers pitcher says he would totally party with a guy in a painting.

You might think this man has no taste in art,
but you'd be wrong.

In honor of Opening Day, celebrity baseball-interviewer Nadia Dajani tagged along with Brewers pitcher John Axford at an unidentified art museum, where the irreverent heartthrob fired off more one-liners than Mel Brooks at a Star Wars-themed cocktail lounge.

If Dajani looks eerily familiar, it may be because she played the First Lady's chief of staff in "The West Wing" and also appeared briefly in the Aaron Sorkin show "Sports Night," which was really quite good but only lasted two seasons.

Through the powers of journalistic deduction, we determined that the scene of Axford's wanderings is the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. (thanks to the presence of a Rubens painting). For some reason, Axford is drawn to dopey-looking subjects, golden rumps and other body parts.

Whatever drew Axford to the nation's capital, looks like he made it back in time for Monday's game. Check out Howie Magner's 6:05 p.m. update, reported from the Brewers locker room, for the scoop on Axford's "skull fetishes."

(top photo from Adam Ryan Morris' Axford shoot for the July issue)

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