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City/County Website Down
Access to Milwaukee.gov was limited by an overnight failure, IT dept. says.
Milwaukee.gov has been down since about 7 p.m. Thursday when a failure on Milwaukee County's side of the joint city-county web portal brought down the website, according to Nancy Olson, chief information officer at the city. In the interest of efficiency, the city and county host their websites on the same server.

Technicians are still working on diagnosing the exact cause of the outage. Olson says it appears to have been both a hardware and software failure. County officials are working with Microsoft technical support, so that should be fun.

Bookmarks linking directly to web applications (but not web pages) may still work. Olson says the city is working on posting links to popular applications such as "calls for service" and "click for action" on the Milwaukee.gov landing page so these will be accessible. More may be added throughout the day.

As of yet, there's no estimate available on when full service will resume. "Generally, this doesn't happen," Olson says.

UPDATE: Milwaukee.gov now links to a variety of web apps, including Legistar.

UPDATE 3:30 p.m.: Things are just about back to normal. The error page now links to separate sites for the city and county.

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