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'Boston Strong' Campaign Raises $186,000 for Victims
In just four days.
Nicholas Reynolds, one of the two Emerson College students behind the "Boston Strong" T-shirt campaign, has a pretty incredible update: the pair, who are collaborating with local screen-printing company Ink to the People, have sold 11,000 T-shirts and raised $180,000 for The One Fund. 

You can follow their campaign here, and for background on the T-shirts, read our original story here. 

Update: Only $15 of the $20 retail price will go to The One Fund, bringing the total charitable donation to $186,000 (as of this afternoon), according to both Reynolds and Ink to the People's Steve Schumacher, its social media manager. Ink to the People donated 100 percent of the proceeds up to the first 1,500 shirts and did not expect additional demand. 

"When Chris [Dobens] first posted that late Monday night, his goal was 110...so honestly, he didn't think he was going to sell many," Schumacher says. "As for the other shirts, [Reynolds and Dobens] understand that it's a huge check that is going to be cut directly to The One Fund."  

Schumacher says Reynolds and Dobens' shirt, pictured above, was the first of its kind to be submitted to the Ink to the People site. As of today, there are handfuls of additional Boston-related designs, but Schumacher says they've only partnered with the design submitted by the college students.  "No one at Ink realized that this would become such a big thing," Schumacher says. 

Because of the high demand, Ink to the People is considering extending the sale of the shirts past its Monday deadline, but no definitive decision has been made. 

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