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Minding our Manners? Who does that anymore?
Politicians are people too and so...

I am off kilter these days, more than usual.  

Perhaps you feel similar, or maybe not, but, on my mind lately is, the past.  They used to teach, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me."  What happened? 

They used to say, "Be careful, children are present."  Why don't we seem to care about children anymore?

No funding (investment) in Bookmobiles, no RIF (Reading is Fundamental), no cartoons, like Captain Kangaroo (with Mr. Green Jeans and M.T. Promises). 

And oh, what about learning about the constitution, from the "I'm Just A Bill," song...  Whew.  We were always being taught and the media gave birth to that, in some sense.  

I love people and their nuances, depth, quirks, passions, motivations and reasoning’s.  I don’t always agree with them, but I don’t have publicly shame anyone because I disagree with them.  I can just express my disagreement, without calling a person a foul name.

That is why I loathe the "P" word, Politics.

 I have said so, publicly before.  I loathe the lowly parts of it that make it ok to wish a politician "dead" in an open forum, because you disagree with that person, that human being's ideology? 

It seems to be increasing acceptable and tolerated, to shot-put divisive venomous comments and evil wishes and nasty mis-placed anger, solely, to illustrate your stance?  Not really. 

So much hate, attacking each other, (as well as those we know and don’t know, personally) as if that were the best practice.  We don't need to put each other down, to bring ourselves (or our personal notions) up. 

We must remember, especially public forums, including political campaign ads, commercials, etc., children are watching us.  They are children, learning, forming thoughts and patterns.  Election time (like deer hunting season) seems to be a tenure in which it is acceptable to act uncivilized, just to win! 

We weren't taught that (as heavily – or maybe we had more to do as young people) or perhaps we were taught it, and we just chose not to learn it.  I, like Sweat Hog Vinnie Babarino, am “Soooooo confuuuzed.”

How much more hate and internal bickering and disagreement can America take?   Children are watching.  What are we modeling, all bets off, to win?  Still?  It is 2012.  We have been a divided civilization since the Civil War, ok before.  But still? 

Seems like their will never be sincere harmony among us.  Do we have to always have something to fight about and excuses why fighting dirty is ok?  In public, professionals, politicians, leaders, me, everyone, perhaps?

I think we have to insist upon our children to behave and speak in ways that give life, not drain life.  They have to use words, not guns.  Yes, I am idealistic.  I was taught to make peace, not war!  Kids are dying, being killed, killing themselves and others, because of being bullied and teased, punked! 

Yet, wherever would their perpetrators get the notion of bullying, name-calling, and manipulating, lying, stealing, murder?  It’s like, everywhere!  TV shows glorifying it, (and I am no prude) promoting it.  Leaders (none of whom are struggling, poor nor suffering) argue, ineffectively, engaging in counterattacks? 

What happened to “Two wrongs don’t make a right?” 

Why does “What bleeds, still lead?”  We know better, but we don’t do better.  Why are some societies less violent, aggressive?

Everyday we see people devalued and demonized.  It reminds us of what we quickly forget, Sticks and Stones hurt, subversively, deeply…no matter how rich or poor; arrogant or aloof someone may seem.  Often, Words hurt longer.  Our children are watching. 

We’ve lost sight of the “issues” by continuing to lead, by "squashing" someone else -- sometimes anyone.  Yikes! 

I know children watch as much or more television than "we" did (in the 70s – 80s) they are likely watching adults bicker, argue, insult, lie, yell, scream, and otherwise "criticize, condemn and complain" – unnecessarily.

 May I heretofore order: Civility among the educated and free!  We can just all get along.

Or I am just getting old, (42 almost) and according to Erik Erickson, in a natural inner turmoil phase of Generativity vs Stagnation.

About.com, for instance describes that phase as being concerned with…

“Contributing to society and doing things to benefit future generations are important needs at this Generativity versus Stagnation stage of development. Generativity refers to "making your mark" on the world, through caring for others, creating things and accomplishing things that make the world a better.” 

 I worry a difference can’t be made.  Maybe we’re too far-gone and small pebbles no longer cause great ripples. 

Being nice is a thing of the past.  Then again, “Nice guys always finish last!”

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Mariko Posted: 4/26/2012 9:57:45 PM
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What a wise woman! I completely agree with her goals of promoting civility and harmony--and living as an example for all children.
MOST Commented