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May 2012
Where to Eat Now

Where to Eat Now
Step out of that comfort zone. From local staples to area newcomers, these 25 restaurants are pushing boundaries, embracing darn good and often innovative cuisine.
International Man of Mystery
It was a surprise to get him, a figure of much speculation and varied reputations. But now that “rock-star conductor” Edo de Waart is here and dutifully committed, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is dramatically changing. For the better.
Fostering Flea
What’s old is new yet again at area markets.
The Outsider
Can MPS Superintendent Gregory Thornton really deliver sweeping change? Not alone, he says. And his strongest supporters agree.
The Brightest Skylight
Artistic director Bill Theisen makes things look easy.
Women of the Sea
In Milwaukee, Mary Ann is the skipper.
Sheboygan: Creative Capital of Wisconsin?
Jake’s Café hopes so.
Mall Madness
Shop, work, live? Milwaukeeans are flocking to apartments within the ultimate constructed urban space.
Get in the Game
Surgical advancements are keeping recreational athletes on the court.
The Observer
A Missed Opportunity
Scholarships and platforms have helped, but when will the Miss America pageant truly embrace its biggest asset – the contestants?

Point of View
  Sonic Youth
If NEWaukee's ambitious Ian Abston has anything to do with it, there will be no Milwaukee brain drain.

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