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Morning Links for April 18, 2014
Tom Petri, David Axelrod and an Everest disaster.
 Here's what we're reading this morning.
  • U.S. Rep. Tom Petri reminisces on his 35 years in Congress and calls the controversy over owning stock in Oshkosh Corp. a "red herring." The Post Crescent reports.

  • According to the State Journal, a Madison-area teacher who viewed pornographic images at school will keep his teaching license, the state Department of Public Instruction has ruled, because no students saw the pictures.
  • At least a dozen Sherpa guides have died in what appears to be the deadliest accident in Everest history, according to The Australian.
  • What is longtime Obama adviser and friend David Axelrod up to these days? Time says he's going to be working for the British Labour Party during the country's 2015 election season.
  • Phew, Kansas City police say they've arrested a man suspected of carrying out more than a dozen highway shootings in the area, attacks that left local residents fearful of taking the interstate.

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