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Morning Links for April 18, 2013
The kind of news that goes really well with a bagel and cream cheese.

The range in our reads-du-jour will make you reach for that second cup of coffee. For real.

  • The death toll from a Texas fertilizer plant explosion Wednesday night is incalculable at this time, according to a story in CNN. No word yet at what caused the blast.

  • The end of the cupcake cult following? Perhaps. Mighty New York chain Crumbs Bake Shop is performing far less than sweetly on the stock market. The Wall Street Journal has the mini cake intel.

  • The FBI has arrested a 45-year-old Elvis impersonator from Mississippi on suspicion of sending the ricin-filled letters to President Obama and several senators, The Week reports
  • A kindergartner landed in detention this week because she was tardy for school the dreaded third time. Yikes, people. This late-breaking news comes from ABC News.

  • You think Don Draper, ad man par excellence on TV's Mad Men, looks, um, perennially satisfied? Draper's below-the-belt life makes for titillating TV watching, but sex and the single or married man in the 1950s wasn't quite so gratifying. So claims a piece in the Daily Beast.


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