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Morning Links for April 17, 2014
Tainted drinking water, a "Mrs. Doubtfire" sequel, and ooey-gooey Cadbury Eggs!
You know that saying, "Wake up and smell the coffee"? We like to say, instead, "Wake up and read the Morning Links." It just might be the best thing you do all day.

  • The best news we’ve heard all morning: Word is that Robin Williams is in for a sequel of the 1993 (!) movie Mrs. Doubtfire.

  • After one year without a designated restaurant critic, the Village Voice has announced a writer for that position. 

  • Will any Cadbury Crème Eggs find their way into your Easter basket this year? Now you can see how the England-based company produces a whopping 350 million of those gooey eggs each year.

  • Watch out, Lululemon. You’ve got competition. And lots of it. As if the see-through yoga pants debacle wasn’t bad enough, the active-wear company may no longer rule the market. 

  • What a waste of a lot of drinking water. Oregon officials were forced to drain a reservoir holding 38 million gallons of drinking water when a 19-year-old was caught urinating in it.

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