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The Noble Fight
The bid to save a Walker's Point restaurant.

When David Kressin opened The Noble (704 S. Second St.) in late 2011, the affordable menu and cozy atmosphere at the Walker’s Point storefront space turned heads. Among the Noble offerings? Beers for a buck and a Monday brunch – for service-industry folks who get the day off.

Kressin has enjoyed restaurant ownership so much that he doesn’t want it to end. While The Noble’s two-year lease will soon expire, Kressin has plans for keeping the restaurant afloat through Kickstarter, a website that provides a forum for people looking to fund creative projects like films and music.

Via a link posted on The Noble’s Facebook page, Kressin outlined his scenario – “in draft mode,” since it has not met Kickstarter approval – for buying the building. The first line reads: “Facing the possibility of losing our beautiful space on 2nd St, we need to raise funds for a down payment to buy the property for good!” The draft lists a pledge goal of $20,000. Kressin’s concluding statement is well, noble: “We will find a way to prevail and continue making you all proud, no matter what it takes.”   

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