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Morning Links for April 17, 2013
We've got the Brewers, Milwaukee's rankings, gun control and more.
Halfway there, you’re halfway there, you’re halfway there … Here are the midweek links comin’ at ya, and boy are they fat! But in a nice way.
  • Unfortunately unsurprisingly, Milwaukee lags behind most large cities in areas like education and income, resulting in a dearth of human capital that hurts our economy, as revealed in this Journal Sentinel Special Report.

  • The Brewers won last night, but the faulty bullpen tried as hard as it could to give another one away. The Journal Sentinel’s got the story of the Crew’s 10-8 win over the Giants.

  • A story in the Wisconsin Gazette reports a study that says legalizing gay marriage would pump about $42 million into the state of Minnesota’s economy.

  • In the wake of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, law enforcement and investigators have established the largest crime scene in city history and are painstakingly searching the wreckage for any evidence about the bombs or the culprit, according to the Boston Globe.

  • The Senate plans to vote this afternoon on several gun measures, but legislators are likely lacking enough “ayes” to get expanded background checks passed.

  • According to the Business Journal, Quad/Graphics, the parent company of Milwaukee Magazine, will hire 125 employees to work at its new facility in New Berlin. Make sure to stay awake in orientation!

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